Registered in 2002 and maintained sporadically since then, this site has been offline for a couple of years, due to other projects demanding my time. I’ve always intended to get a-ha US back online, but since a-ha has retired, there was no pressing need to put a new site together.

All that changed, though, when I met so many American a-ha fans in Oslo last October! A few people expressed an interest in having an American fan site as a hub for our community, and especially now that the band has announced their reunion, I thought I would dust off this site and see what would happen.

Watch this space and join the mailing list – I’ll be sending out updates about the next American fan meeting and party.

US Street Team

Back in 2001, Catherine (Washington, D.C.) and Lisa (Los Angeles) were both inspired by the international fan party hosted by in Oslo, and started talking about planning a fan party just for American fans. As we connected with more and more American fans, we discovered that we were not alone in wishing a-ha had more coverage in the media here, and the US Street Team was born.

The two major goals of the street team was to organize promotions to make media aware that a-ha is much more than ‘Take On Me’, and to arrange fan parties and gatherings in different parts of the country so American fans would have a chance to enjoy the music we love together.

The street team was most active between 2001-2007, and after that we maintained contact via e-mail and arranged fan parties when there was enough interest from the group. We had a lot of fun holding group chats online to talk about a-ha, and many members have remained close friends ever since!